September 21 2013

You Can’t Pay Others To Fulfill God’s Commands For You…

The enemy didn’t have to kill me, he simply had to diminish, disorient and distance me from God’s best.

I was a major donor (champion)… giving generously to my church and non-profits that were serving those in need, thinking I was pleasing God by my generosity. Unfortunately, I was disconnected from those I was giving to.  My giving was set up on auto-draft and life so busy I rarely took time to read the newsletters and see the impact my dollars were having in the lives of those being served.  The enemy diminished my impact leading me to believe my “God-work” was done when the check was sent.

The enemy disoriented me – I believed my money was the most valuable gift I could give – when in fact my heart is more valuable.  When one’s heart is captured gifts, talents and resources follow.  Non-profits I was giving to focused on money needed to minister to their clients overlooking the opportunity to minister to me, the giver.  To capture champion’s hearts your organization must get to know their heart – only then can they align the champion’s  gifts, talents and experience with organizational needs.  When a champion experiences their gifts and talents being used in a purposeful and meaningful way everything changes!

The enemy distanced me from God’s commandments and commission…  Every believer is called to love God and love one another, (Matt 22:37-39)… and to make disciples, (Matt 28:19).   The enemy distanced me from being personally involved. I lived as though I could pay others to fulfill the commands and commission for me.  I experienced some joy in giving money, but I experienced abundant  joy when I gave my heart and personally got involved in the ministry.

My story, Taking on Goliath, (click here for a free preview),  is undoubtedly similar to many of your ministry’s champions. The book shares my journey of understanding this key biblical truth: My heart is more valuable than my wallet to God, my family and the ministries I serve.  (Although I readily admit, my family and ministries may not readily appreciate this truth!)

As a non-profit ministry, you have the opportunity, perhaps responsibility, to capture champion’s hearts.  Your ministry can grow champions as you serve and grow clients; but it requires intentionality.  You must invest in systems, structures and processes that allow your organization to match champion gifts, talents and experience with ministry needs.   Capturing champion’s hearts will allow you to expand ministry and serve more in need – but it requires organizational discipline.  It’s not easy and it’s not fast – but it leads to ministry health and sustainability.

Most of us are fearful of asking champions to GIVE!  With this paradigm shift, “asking” becomes a gift – one that is guaranteed to bring joy and abundance as they personally fulfill God’s commands and the commission.  This “ask” is guaranteed to provide eternal treasures,  (Matthew 6:19-20).

Today, I have the privilege of working for Mission Increase Foundation of Raleigh  helping ministries grow champions as I describe in this blog.  In my life and now through my work I see the Lord radically change champion’s lives as their heart is captured through ministry.  You must want it for the giver as much as you want it for the client’s you are called to serve.  Ministry to givers and receivers are NOT mutually exclusive, in fact they are mutually dependent if you hope to expand ministry capacity.  “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly, (John 9:10).

I invite you to visit the book’s website ( and comment on this blog, found in the “Non-Profit” category.  Feel free to explore each category of postings and prayerfully consider whom you know that may want to participate in the journey with me.

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