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“A desperately needed message in an engaging style.” Jim Dotson engages two critical issues for our culture in this age: (1) The greedy, narcissistic culture engulfing many of our large corporations which leaves employees feeling under-valued and under-protected; (2) the challenges employees face when the values of the company compete against personal values such as family and faith. I would highly recommend that people in the workplace read this book that not only inspires but also instructs with humility through personal examples.

“A real page turner.” A story about what happens when you are literally “kicked to the curb” by your long-term employer. I’m sure many who have suffered injustices at the hands of poor management will relate to this story. Author Jim Dotson describes in vivid detail the pain and humiliation he endured when he lost his corporate job suddenly and unfairly immediately after adopting a child from Russia. The ensuing legal battle quickly draws in the reader as we read about David (Dotson) taking on the giant (Pfizer).

Even more compelling was the personal insights Dotson gained on his painful journey. Despite losing a job he greatly valued, the real treasures gained were of much greater value, namely a renewed commitment and passion for God and his family. Loved this book!

“Amazing journey of a faithful family.” This story touches your heart as a family faces the difficulties of loosing everything yet gaining a daughter and a stronger, more faithful family. A must read!

This book was excellent and a beautiful example of a Biblical truth: “Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.”

I just finished the book, and simply could not put it down! What a great story of ultimate triumph in God’s will and way. The story is a testament to the faithfulness of God. It is a warning to those in corporate America to be careful to not lose your soul to your employer no matter how “good” they are today. Finally the book is a reminder about what really matters…faith, family and friends.

“A must read to remind you of life’s priorities.” This very well written and engaging story about one family’s journey to adopt a baby will capture your heart. This true story opens the reader’s eyes to the realities of unfair practices of corporations and the everyday decisions they get by with. Thankfully Jim Dotson and his family felt convicted to stand up for the truth. You can’t help but cheer for the underdog. Not only was this story a great victory for the Dotsons, it also serves as a critical reminder to all of us of what is truly important in life.