My Most Requested Topics

Lessons learned from “Taking on Goliath: A Collision of Personal and Corporate Values” are woven throughout Dotson’s presentations.  The classic story of David and Goliath comes to life as Dotson engages you in his dramatic journey and challenges you to consider and respond to some of the most important questions in life.  Falsely accused of a horrendous allegation after the adoption of their daughter,  Dotson rejected a lucrative separation agreement that required his silence and chose to risk everything and stand for the truth against the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer.

Dotson’s presentations will bring laughter, tears, but most importantly practical tips and tools for helping you lead well as you strive to balance life’s responsibilities. Presentations are customized for the target audiences:  Faith Community, Parents, Adoption Community, Non-Profit Community and a Corporate Audience seeking work-life balance.

My most requested topics include the following.

  1. Make Your Life Count!      What Story is Your Life Telling? … More
  2. Leading Your Family to Abundance!     Leadership where it Matters Most… at Home! … More
  3. Learn to Tell Your Story and Mobilize A Community for the Orphan!   More
  4. Capturing Donor’s Hearts Rather Than Their Wallets Changes Everything!   More
  5. The Cost of Truth:  “Dotson vs. Pfizer”   More

As “Dotson vs. Pfizer” wound through the Federal court system all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Dotson learned invaluable lessons as an individual, husband, father, employee and volunteer.  These lessons form the heart of Dotson’s talks and will challenge and inspire the listener to take action for the benefit of those they care most deeply for.  Dotson lost much of what he worked hard to earn; yet he and his family discovered true joy and abundance as they formed a new perspective on life.

Participants will be challenged, inspired, and equipped with specific tools to help them maximize their God-given potential in life’s varied roles. Dotson’s presentations resonate with those consumed by work, the corporate employee who feels trapped, the individual whose life does not reflect their heart, people who are trying to live out their faith in a secular environment, the parent who wants their children to experience true joy and abundance, and the non-profit organization that wants to capture hearts for their cause.

Each presentation can be customized to meet your organization’s audience, objectives, and time-frame.   Talks can be delivered as 45-60 minute keynotes up to weekend retreats.  Presentations are ideal for business men and women’s groups, parent groups, adoption seminars, non-profit banquets, and school / college chapel services. God’s truth and glory radiates through each presentation.

Passionate, adventurous, engaging, transparent, authentic, challenging, humorous, relevant and practical are words frequently used to describe Dotson’s presentations.

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